Our Vision For You 
Some of our fondest memories that adults hold near and dear are that of being a kid.  We look upon that time as being coveted and precious yet we feel far removed from it.  Now as an adult, our time is spent being everything for everyone - employee, caretaker, financier, chauffer, partner, crisis counselor and the like. If you look back over the past 30 days, do you recall a time of being able to simply be you minus those roles? We spend a lot of time investing in others and our future but not taking time for ourselves.  We can recapture that feeling from our youth by having recess – a time of play. It is our hope that we all take the necessary time for ourselves to rediscover play and all its wonder. There is laughter in play, creativity in play, being present in play, coping with stress in play, levity in play, productivity in play and so much more.

Let us create a space where you can take time to break from the norm, rejuvenate, connect and just have fun.  #Comeplaywithus
Enjoy these games when you play with us:​​
Hungry Hungry Hippo
Mouse Trap
Game of Life
Chutes and Ladders
Video Games
...and much more!


Where Fun Begins
Refined Revelry is redefining fun in the Valley of the Sun. It’s one part fresh concept, two parts fun and innovation with a splash of throwback to your youth by mixing the fun of being young with the liberties of being an adult. Pay homage to your youth and join Refined Revelry in playing video games, classic board games, cards, dominoes and more. Our events are designed with the carefree version of you in mind.

From hosting private parties and team building events to just enjoying a break from adulthood, we are here to entertain! Play Mario Bros., sink a Battleship, perform an Operation, dance and have fun all in the same space.