Dress Code
While many of the dress code guidelines are similar to other venues, follow these few guidelines to ensure your evening with Refined Revelry:

A crisp and clean look goes a long way. Make sure that the iron went over your clothing and didn't simply pass by it on the way out.

Wear the pants that fit you best. Although dress pants aren't necessary and jeans are allowed, make sure your belt is on your waist and not your thighs and the ripped jeans don't reveal rust on your legs.

Baggy clothes, athletic gear, beanies and baseball caps aren't permissible.

Sunglasses are usually worn when there is sun but you don't have to worry about a starry night blurring your vision.

Let us see your shoe game and leave the sneakers at home.

We want to see the best of you but not all of you. No see through clothing.

Ripped jeans look great but make sure no body parts are hanging out the back of them.

Please leave your flip flops in the car to slip on when you drive home from an enjoyable evening.

You can be the best dressed person in the valley, but if you bring the wrong attitude, it will be standing outside with you.